Case study : MobileTV in Sweden

Résults from Teracom (a public company that maintain and run television, radio and broadband networks in Sweden)

- the test base were 18-59 years old
- lived in well-covered areas
- channel offering consisted of free and pay-per view where pay-per view required that you pay extra after 30 inital free days
- pay-per view was offered for 2 Euro a channel, or 5 Euro for a package

Where did people watch
36% watched mobile TV on a regular basis by themselves at home
36% watched when they were waiting for something i.e a buss
30% watched during their journey

When did they watch
53% watched during weekdays, primarily in the morning and evening

What they bought
35% choose to buy the pay-per-view channels after the free period

Why they watched
13% watched for enterainment
12% to kill time
8% to get updated and informed

Who watched
30-44 yrs old watched the most tv but even 49-59 yrs watched a signficant amount

How much did they watch
62% less than 25 mins per day

What the quality of the service
58% thought it was better picture quality than usual tv
93% thought the sound quality was better than regular tv
42% thought watching 15-35 minutes was "comfortable"
13% thought mobile tv could be watched unlimited - as with a usual tv

Thomson Selected by Telecom Operator for DVB-H Mobility Deployment in New York

Thomson Selected by Telecom Operator for DVB-H Mobility Deployment in New York

Paris, France and Las Vegas (National Association of Broadcasters Convention), April 16, 2007 – Grass Valley, a business within Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS), has been chosen to support the new Modeo live commercial quality mobile TV service across the New York City metropolitan area with a full complement of products and systems designed to facilitate, monitor, and control the reliable transmission and reception of mobile digital audio, video, and other data types.
The agreement, which includes broadcast system redundancy and installation, illustrates the comprehensive reach of Thomson's Grass Valley™ product portfolio.
"Telecommunication companies are looking for the most reliable and cost-effective platforms to provide video subscription services," said Patrick Montliaud, Senior Vice President of the Integration and Transmission Solutions for Thomson's Grass Valley business. "Our deep knowledge of the broadcast and content distribution markets, as well as an extremely broad product portfolio, distinguishes Grass Valley in the rapidly expanding mobility market, and we're pleased to be working with Modeo as they continue the development of their mobile video service."
In late 2006, Modeo launched its commercial quality service that is being tested by hundreds of beta users in the New York City area, where the company has deployed 18 Thomson Affinity base stations.
"Modeo chose Thomson's transmitters to ensure that we provide a reliable signal and that the equipment and systems are deployed in a cost-effective and timely fashion," said Martyn Gregory, vice president of Modeo. "Thomson has demonstrated that it is one of the leading broadcast companies with the technology, resources and personnel to support next-generation Mobile TV service."
Full Mobile TV Head-End System
Modeo's Network Operation Center also employs many of Grass Valley's mobile video products, including the Argos™ Windows Media 9 encoder with redundancy management, comprising all the necessary equipment to efficiently deliver content to mobile receivers. The Opal DVB-H IP Encapsulator performs the IP encapsulation with DVB-H format and combines specific features such as time slicing and MPE-based forward error correction (FEC). It also offers statistical time slicing for bandwidth optimization and the ability to share the time slicers between multiple mobile network operators. To guarantee service availability within Modeo's mobile TV head end, Grass Valley's Lazulite network management system provides an integrated supervision and redundancy management platform, allowing Modeo to quickly identify a faulty device or manage automatic redundancy.


EXPWAY and Nextreaming join forces to offer a ready-to-market solution for mobile TV

The Partnership combines strengths in DVB-H by bundling EXPWAY Electronic Service Guide and Nextreaming DVB-H Multimedia Player, NexPlayer™

Paris, France; Seoul, South Korea; Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Sept. XX, 2006 – EXPWAY and Nextreaming, respectively leading providers of Electronic Service Guide solutions and embedded multimedia SW solutions, announced today that they integrate and interface their solutions to foster the development of mobile TV applications over DVB-H networks.
Expway’s FastESG™ Client software solution will be integrated with NexPlayer™, an embedded application that allows users to watch high quality digital broadcasting on a mobile device. NexPlayer™ includes the most advanced Mobile TV video player capability for embedded devices, FastESG™ brings highest performance and fully featured ESG SW.
The partnership’s objective is to create a complete end-to-end platform with a full, standard-based ESG service, enabling smart promotion and distribution of rich content, associated with the finest video quality display over DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld, a world standard for the transmission of TV programs and digital files over mobile networks).
Said Antoine Weil, EXPWAY’s CEO: "We are pleased to join forces with Nextreaming, a leading provider of advanced multimedia embedded SW. Today’s announcement is in line with our strategy to offer a ready-to-market end to end solution meeting the handset manufacturers’ requirements and enabling interactive content and service offering by the operators."
Said Dr. Il-Taek Lim, NEXTREAMING’ s CEO: ""We are providing our customers with various mobile TV solutions, which are ranging from streaming media player to DMB and DVB-H. Our partnership with Expway will enhance our products with first in class SW quality and innovations to make mobile TV successful worldwide "

Thomson’s DVB-H Mobile TV solutions pass trials with Orange Spain

Thomson's DVB-H Mobile TV solutions pass trials with Orange Spain

Orange Spain pilots Thomson's head end equipment and Mobile TV service platforms with Viaccess content security

Paris, March 22, 2007 – Thomson (Euronext 18453; NYSE;
TMS) today announced that Orange Spain has completed successful technical trials using Thomson's mobile TV solutions in conjunction with Viaccess solution for secured content protection, Purple-TV. The tests, which were started in December 2006, used a range of Thomson's solutions for mobile delivery, including the SmartVision service platform and Grass Valley Opal IP encapsulators, Argos Mobile encoders and Lazulite management systems.
Serge Mal, General Manager of Thomson's network software business commented: "Being part of one of the first every successful trials using this simulcrypt technology clearly illustrates the compatibility of all Thomson's solutions for video services delivery. We are looking forward to future collaborations with both Viaccess and Orange Spain."

Alcatel-Lucent premières unified access to 3G and broadcast Mobile TV in Germany

Stuttgart, March 8, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) is demonstrating, for the first time in Germany, seamless access on a single device to a selection of Mobile TV channels delivered via either 3G or broadcast networks, including German language channels RTL Mobile TV, National Geographic Channel and Eurosport. This demonstration, which is taking place in Alcatel-Lucent's premises in Stuttgart in front of representatives from German operators and TV broadcasters, is based on the new DVB-SH mobile broadcast standard using the S-Band.
Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent's Mobile interactive TV solution, users are also able to interact with the content of all the 3G and broadcast Mobile TV channels available on the terminal. This achievement is opening the way to a truly interactive and personalized Mobile TV experience for the mass market and to the provisioning of new services offered as a complement to Mobile TV such as voting, content downloading or mobile commerce. These features also enable the delivery of personalized advertisements to mobile TV viewers.
For the first time in Germany, Alcatel-Lucent is also demonstrating plain broadcast Mobile TV in the S-Band using SAGEM myMobileTV handsets.
Olivier Coste, President of Alcatel-Lucent's Mobile broadcast activities declared: "Germany is a key market for the roll-out of mass market Mobile TV in Europe. Following the adoption during 3GSM of DVB-SH by DVB Project and the EC Decision on the use of a harmonized 2.2 GHz spectrum for EU-wide hybrid Mobile TV services, our Stuttgart's demonstration definitely positions Alcatel-Lucent's Unlimited Mobile TV solution as a serious option for all operators willing to deploy their Mobile TV strategies in Europe."
Unique DVB-SH features allowing reception quality enhancement under difficult and mobility conditions are demonstrated. The improved Mobile TV user experience made possible by these features will allow operators to offer a universal high-quality Mobile TV service that users are ready to pay for.
Alcatel-Lucent is committed to support service providers in delivering a truly converged TV experience. Alcatel-Lucent has already established a leading position in interactive TV services, and already enables TV, video and music services for more than 110 fixed and mobile service providers around the world.
Demonstrated DVB-SH technical features:
- Reception Antenna Diversity: a feature using two antennas inside the same mobile device, enabling improvements in the signal quality under difficult conditions;
- Improved Time Interleaving: a feature overcoming fading impairment, providing significant quality enhancement in mobility conditions.

Alcatel-Lucent extends its Managed Mobile Interactive TV Service offering to Europe

Barcelona, February 13, 2007
Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced the extension of its Managed Mobile Interactive TV Service solution to Europe, following its recent introduction in the Asia Pacific market. This solution will allow service and content providers, as well as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and broadcasters, to address exploding consumer demand for Interactive Mobile TV services. The solution is hosted, maintained and operated by Alcatel-Lucent, enabling providers to focus on developing marketing programs and enhancing the services they provide their customers.
The Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Interactive TV Managed Service solution is a ready-to-deploy, end-to-end service for delivering mobile interactive television service over unicast and 3G networks today, and evolving to multi-cast (MBMS), WiMax and broadcast networks (DVB-H, DVB-SH), in the future. Based on an open environment for content aggregation, the service delivers traditional mobile TV service in Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and offers an integrated TV experience supported by the rich media application running on subscriber handsets. This enables users to watch TV channels with high quality resolution, consult the electronic program guide in their preferred format, zap rapidly to a channel or even to a content of their choice. Moreover, end-users can also invoke interactive services such as ordering content associated with the TV program (ring tone, logo, etc.) in one or two keystrokes.
"The Mobile Interactive TV Managed Service gives service providers a fantastic opportunity to launch this new service cost-effectively and quickly, resulting in new revenue-generating services and a reduced return on investment cycle," said Luis Antonio Martinez Amago, President of Alcatel-Lucent's multimedia and payment activities.
"Mobile Interactive TV and managed application services are gaining momentum in Asia, Europe North and South America, and Alcatel-Lucent is committed to support service providers in delivering a truly converged TV experience," Amago said. Alcatel-Lucent has established a leading position in interactive TV services, and enables TV, video and music services for more than 115 fixed and mobile service providers around the world.

Telefónica presents with Alcatel-Lucent a multimedia mobile interactive TV, radio and music pilot project for mobile devices

The project will be presented in the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona

Paris and Madrid, February 8th, 2007
Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) and Telefónica today announced that they are conducting a pilot project for mobile interactive multimedia services in Spain. The pilot project will encompass a comprehensive offer of cutting-edge interactive TV, radio and music services for mobile handsets. The tests started in early October 2006 and are scheduled to run for 6 months.
Cayetano Lluch, General Director of Technology, Telefónica Móviles España pointed out: "We want to offer our customers the most complete personalized best-in class multimedia experience, that brings the full benefit of interactivity and excitement into their everyday lives. In the framework of this multi-faceted trial, we are eager to cooperate with Alcatel-Lucent and we will test its end-to-end solutions portfolio covering mobile TV, radio and music service delivery."
Marc Rouanne, President of Alcatel-Lucent's convergence activities added: "With more than 80 mobile TV and video services in operation worldwide, Alcatel-Lucent enjoys a leadership position in the booming mobile TV and radio market. We are proud to have been chosen by Telefónica to conduct these comprehensive mobile TV, radio and music trials, as this will allow us to demonstrate our capability to enable interactivity."
In the framework of this agreement Alcatel-Lucent is providing Telefónica with a trial platform of Alcatel-Lucent's mobile interactive services. Additionally, Telefónica will test a set of complementary Alcatel-Lucent's applications to bring full interactivity and enjoyment to the subscribers, all of them using the same platform and some elements already provided.
With Alcatel-Lucent's Mobile Interactive TV solution, Telefónica will be able to create new, high-quality, interactive television services, allowing mobile end-users to watch high-quality TV channels, consult an electronic program guide (EPG) in a preferred format, rapidly change channels or content, and use contextual interactive services, such as ordering content associated with a TV program, with one or two key strokes in their handsets.
Alcatel-Lucent's Mobile Interactive solution will provide Telefónica's end-users with a new way to hear radio on a mobile phone, allowing them to select different FM radio channels and to browse the Electronic Program Guide of these channels. In addition, interactive services will be linked to the content selected by the operator, that spans voting, alerts and interactive advertising services.
Alcatel-Lucent's Mobile Interactive Music solution includes new music discovery services, music and video catalogues, as well as cross selling of several artist's related content (ring tones, video clips, full tracks and wallpaper).
Alcatel-Lucent's "Unlimited Mobile TV" solution is an innovative solution using a 3G-friendly hybrid satellite and terrestrial infrastructure based on the forthcoming DVB-SH broadcast mobile TV standard in the S-Band (2.2 GHz). It enables the delivery of an unlimited number of TV channels to an unlimited mobile audience with unlimited coverage.
In addition, to complement this ongoing technical evaluation, Telefónica and Alcatel-Lucent will perform market tests. Creating an ecosystem of key players, Alcatel-Lucent ensures the delivery of the best mobile interactive services on the right network, suited to the most appropriate content and advertiser sponsorship to the subscribers

Telecom Italia Mobile Moves Rapidly From Trials to Commercial Service with Thomson

Grass Valley Technology Now Being Rolled Out Across Italy

Paris - 05 September 2006 -- Thomson, (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) following a highly successful trial around the Torino Winter Olympic Games early in 2006, announced today it has signed a contract with Telecom Italia allowing the operator to move immediately to a commercial launch using equipment from Grass Valley, an activity within Thomson.
"The next challenge for the electronic media industry will be to deliver rich content to mobile devices, and that is why so many are turning to Thomson ", commented Marc Valentin, president of the Grass Valley business within Thomson. " Because the speed with which this new industry is developing means that the service providers need a technology partner they can rely on to provide comprehensive, integrated technology platforms."
The Winter Olympics having proven to be successful, Telecom Italia decided to move forward and to further develop its agreement with Grass Valley for the delivery and systems management technology for a full commercial rollout of their mobile offering. The new service went on air in June 2006, broadcasting a number of channels from Telecom Italia, plus coverage of Serie A and Champions League football.
As prime contractor for the project, Grass Valley provided the complete head-end with Argos scrambling H.264 encoders, Opal DVB-H encapsulators and a Lazulite network management system. The SmartVision™ Mobility platform manages the electronic service guide, conditional access, and content and interactive services, and a SmartCast Mobility platform provides overall system management. A Grass Valley Cobalt DVB-H data analyser is used to check signal parameters.

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