Hong Kong gets licenses in process for Mobile TV

VarietyAsiaOnline.com is reporting that 3 Mobile TV licenses will be put up for auction in mid-2009. Apparently the licenses will run for 15 years, allow up to 20 TV channels to be shown, and use the DVB-H standard. Oh, and an additional 6 using T-DMB (a predominantly Korean standard).
Well this is all good news as a push for DVB-H, but how interesting that another standard gets matted up against it. You can see the sorts of unique factors in Hong Kong that cause for this ‘democratisation’ of standards, but I wonder whether practically Operators might collaborate (if they went for a license).
The good news is won’t have to wait too long to find out - those that win have to have a service up and running by the end of 2010!


Colombia offers ‘free’ DVB-H

DVB-H services are proving slow to take off, but Colombia’s National TV Commission says it will permit channels to be broadcast free of charge to mobile phone users with DVB-H kit.

Colombia’s Comisión Nacional de Televisión (CNTV) says licences will be offered at zero cost later this year. Mexican-owned América Móvil's Colombian telco has already said it will be interested in taking a licence.
Colombia is busy installing digital TV (to the DVB standard) and the first transmitters go live this coming May, reaching some 11m people. Initially it will be the country’s public channels that will be seen, but the nation’s private channels are also expected to join in the next few months.

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