Ocean Blue Software Launches World's First Truly Mobile TV Receivers

Bristol-based Ocean Blue Software will be releasing its Azure TV software, which runs on ST Microelectronics Nomadik platform, with hybrid support for DVB-H, DVB-T and DVB-SH, late this year.

Apart from being the first to support multiple standards in one solution, the Azure-Nomadik platform will be able to receive DVB-SH broadcasts, the new DVB standard for satellite broadcast to handheld devices.

DVB-SH will allow satellite TV to be received on the move, without the need for a dish, overcoming the bandwidth and country border restrictions associated with Terrestrial broadcast.

The development will mean that portable TV devices, such as mobile phones, will no longer be tied to a single country or technology. People will now be able to take their mobile devices to any country operating Digital TV and be able to view TV, whether it be from DVB-H, T and when available SH transmission.

The Ocean Blue Azure/Nomadik combination will be available to designers for fast development of new generations of multimedia applications for portable media players, smart phones, wireless PDAs, internet appliances and car entertainment systems.

The STn8815 application processor enables devices to play back web content, capture high resolution pictures and record HD video clips, and receive mobile-TV and to play vivid 3D immersive games. Based on ST's distributed-processing architecture with smart multimedia accelerators, the Nomadik processors enable compelling multimedia applications with ultra-low power consumption.

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