ENENSYS to showcase end-to-end mobile TV solution

ENENSYS Technologies is featuring at IBC2009 its turnkey mobile TV solution for delivery networks, a complete headend system from content transcoding and distribution to transmission and conditional access management. The package includes:
• Transcaster, an H264 mobile TV transcoder
• Cryptocaster, a ISMACryp encryption server
• MobiMux, a DVB-H IP encapsulator
• MIP Inserter, an SFN adapter
• FastCaster, an MPEG-2-over-IP gateway
• LabMod, a DVB-H modulator
• RFBooster, a 1W amplifier
• DiviCatch RF-T/H, a DVB-H pocket analyzer
In addition, the solutions also include integrated DVB IPDC and OMA-BCAST ESG servers and DVB-H IPDC handsets from ENENSYS partners. Components of ENENSYS' mobile TV system were introduced at NAB2008.
In July, French operator TDF launched a mobile TV trial in Paris using ENENSYS equipment, including the MobiMux DVB-H IP encapsulator.

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